Time Clocks

Amano PIX Models


PIX15 Electronic Time RecorderThe PIX-15 Electronic Time Recorder is ideal for small businesses requiring accurate accounting of employee time. Internal calendar automatically adjusts to Daylight Saving Time, leap year, and short months.

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PIX200 Electronic Time Clock Date StampThe PIX-200 is an all-in-one electronic time recorder and date stamp designed to meet the typical needs and special requirements of contemporary business. The PIX-200 includes a wide variety of standard features and offers a set of optional accessories with unique functions.

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PIX-3000x Electronic Time RecorderThis all-in-one, heavy-duty economical and fully automatic time clock operates as a payroll recorder and date stamping machine.

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Amano TCX Models


TCX-11 Electronic Time ClockThe TCX-11 heavy-duty mechanical time clock features a large, easy to read clock dial that offers all the functions and reliability of an electronic time clock.

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TCX-21 Electronic Time ClockEngineered for value, simplicity and durability, the TCX-21 is the optimal choice for mechanical time clocks. This cost-effective electronic time clock delivers quartz clock accuracy and illuminated print window for easy card alignment.

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TCX-22 Electronic Time ClockEngineered for value, simplicity and durability, the TCX-22 battery operated model is ideal for facilities without AC power available. The TCX-22 maintains normal operation for one week and/or 5000 prints.

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TCX-45 Digital Time ClockTCX-45 digital time clock provides accurate, real-time clock synchronization with atomic time functionality. This quartz clock automatically synchronizes to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) atomic clock via wireless radio signals.

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TCX-85 Electronic Time RecorderThe TCX-85 Electronic Time Recorder has the ability to synchronize to the Atomic Clock.The TCX-85 automatically adjusts year, month, date and Daylight Savings.

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